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You know your an ET Freak When


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This is from another forum that i posted a few years back


1. when work interferes with you playing of the game

2. when your parents ask "what are you doing?" and you answer "fighting in world war 2"

3. when your school teacher catchs you playing the game and you say "................im learning history........"

4. when you get bored with a class is school you yell !nextmap

5. when you teacher annoys you yell !slap (teachers name)

6. when someone throws a ketchup packet bomb at someone you yell "fire in the hole"

7. when you see someone thats way different you yell "enemy in disguse"

8. when your in the bed and you fall off you yell "mines cleared"

9. when your in a water gun/water ballon fight you say |"incoming......incoming........INCOMING!!!!!!!!!"

10. your riding a bus one day and your the last stop, you come around the corner and you see some kids with a bucket of water ballons, then all of a sudden kids come around the house and start throwing water ballons inside the bus you say "Ambush" and you grab your water ballons , because you heard of an arty strike gonna happen and you fire back


11. when you fill out a work application and you put your xp as last known for experience

12. when you think your bf/gf is cheating on you and you say "Need a covert ops"

13. when you and your family are ET freaks

14. when at the end of the map you do the chicken dance to the music

15. when people start calling you a bot because they dont know how to stop the mg-42

16. when you start saying german phrases and have no idea what they even mean

17. when someone hacks the server/servers and changes the name

18. when you start taking german language classes, so you can be on axis

19. when you spec in morse code or latin just so people wont know aht you are saying

20. when you think about should i mortar or panzar a teacher for giving you an f

21. when the worst day of the week is when your xp resets

22. when you think of an idea for a sceince project, and that idea is, how many people i can kill in one life

23. when you text v54 to your freind and they say wth

24. when you playdead just to hit someone in back of the head

25. when you thin of a name of a server, and you name it wolfenstein high

26: When ur on toilet and theres no paper u yell: I need ammo!!

27. When you only have cardboard boxes and syringe in your medical kit

28. If you scream INCOMING!!! when someone throws a pepsi can on the floor

29. When you scream ''!pants thatsexygirl'' at some chick walking down the street

30. When your learning about WWII and know everything thats going on.

31. When your walking around the house and randomly say Im a medic.

32. When, after reading number 31, you heard the German "im a medic" voice in your head.

33. When your brother tells you to do something and you say "nein. problem"

34. when the left side of your right palm looks dark. (they call it your gaming mark)

35. When you have 50 cans of soda and a bunch of dirty dishes at your computer desk.

36. When you begin to use paper plates and papers, so you don't have to wash dishes.

37. When you say words like PWN and OWNED for everything.

38. When you start drawing the wolfenstein logo in class.

39. When your sitting in class thinking: "I can't wait to own some noobs"

40. When you Abbreviate EVERYTHING.

41. When you pick and make fun of WoW kids (World of warcraft)

42. When you sit there and read this.

43: You're tempted to jump from landings at school to save the time of going down the stairs.

44: You go through your medicine cabinet looking for "Health Packs"

45: You see a guy die in a WWII movie and say "better luck next round".

46: You call all RPG's Panzerfaust's.

47: You start insulting people in German in Spanish class.

48: You forget how to call an airstike on your pair of binoculars at home.

49: Someone gives you 2 numbers and your first thought is what statement that is.

50: Monthly fees for games look stupid.

51: You can tell people are coming by the way they breath.

52: You tell jokes in L337

53: Playing on another server feels like having an affair... but you do it anyway.

54: You think sniping in Halo is for noobs.

55: You forgot we ever fought Japan in WWII.

56: You've killed people with just one hand (the other held food)

57: You actually suffer from a slight case of shellshock after a game from all of the artillery strikes.

58: You practically worship your stats.

59: You think everyone else on the server sucks but you.

60: You post lists on a forum about ET.


Ill stop here


Theres a Total of 157 :P


Post some more on New Years

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29. When you scream ''!pants thatsexygirl'' at some chick walking down the street

rofl... funny some of the things definitely go through my mind. i had read a concise one 20 odd thing someplace.


rofl found it

"You know you're addicted to ET when..."


20. Every time you walk in a room, you instantly know every choke point, hiding spot, and good panzer location.


19. You've vowed to stop playing ET.... every day since last December.


18. Every time you get a small cut you shout, "Need a medic!"


17. The only friends you have are in your clan.


16. You get annoyed every time something unimportant interrupts your gaming, like family, school, and "real life", whatever the heck that is.


15. In class, when the teacher explains how to solve a differential equation, you yell "omg wtf h4x!!1!"


14. When you get in trouble for jumping off a ledge onto someone below, you calmly explain that you were testing if goomba jumping works so you can determine if real life is ETpro or Shrub.


13. You visit the local sports store and ask if they sell ammo for your MP40.


12. You are a master of disguise: you can steal anybody's pants and look exactly like them.


11. You get in trouble for strafe jumping onto furniture and breaking windows and bulletin boards with your knife.


10. Every time you step out the front door, you pause to scan your front lawn for landmines.


9. You get in trouble with your teacher for always answering her with "Jawohl!" and "Nein!", and giving her the Nazi salute when you enter the classroom.


8. When someone commits murder in a movie, you get up and scream "FFS, noob! GIB that body!"


7. Your toaster breaks, but you worry that if you fix it before it's actually time for breakfast, that would be XP whoring.


6. Every time you spot a traffic accident, you run up to the injured and toss cardboard boxes on them. They don't seem to be picking up your health packs so you tell them to /reconnect. That doesn't work either so you try TK reviving them with your knife but you accidentally overstab them. As the cops haul you off in handcuffs, you keep screaming, "I'm a medic!"


5. You run up to a manhole, run past it, then run backwards over it, then past it again... Until you finally fall in, miss the ladder completely, and break your legs.


4. When someone's in your way you shout in a deep, angry voice "Move!" and shove them.


3. Your wife left you because you kept screaming "Fire in the hole!" and "Incoming!" during sex.


2. Every time you hear the sound of an airplane overhead, you run to take cover behind the nearest building.


1. You actually read this whole f***ing strategy guide.


its on the enemy territory official guide site.

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Freak gtfohaxnubffslowtardgetalifeandjobmothafckaz


but that was reallllllyyy crueeel "the only friends u have are in clan"muahahhahahahahahahaahhaaahahahhahhahhaahahahhaahhahaaahaahaaahh

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62. You buy a needle and a mysterious red liquid, which you enject yourself thinking it's adrenalin.

63. When your playing soccer and someone sucks, you call a vote and walk around the playground saying, vote with f1 or f2.

64. You really think Leprechaun's Luck is real ( Dont listen to him, it's real !! It's reall I tell ya!!)

65. You try making a sachel charge. ( Don't ask me how I got that one, I am actually trying to make a remote bomb haha)

66. When your playing ET and need to get a piss you tell yourself, It's just in my head, It's only in the real world that I need to piss.

67. When you think freebreeze is a poison gass.

68. When you get a pair of binoculars and try to spot mines from the top of your house.

69. When you say ''!pants'' to a sexy girl on the street.

70. When your a teacher and you say !warn to a student.

71. When your a teacher and you say !gib to a student you want to ducking explode.

72. When your ducking trying to end up with a funny joke about ET.

73. See somebody doing the robot, laugh, and say, HAHA lagger...


81: You think sniping in Halo is for noobs

82: You're obsessed with grenades in any game

83: You feel lazy without a run button

84: You get used to shooting allies to tell if they're covert ops


86. You trip on a box of your BB gun cartriges because you think you just get ammo by running over it.

87. You keep a collection of slightly trampled band-aids.

88. During the Gym Dodgeball game, you shout !howfair when your team is losing

89. when you run over a smoke bomb and cover it up with yourself trying to stop an air strike

90. When this list hits 100...you should know

91. when your sitting in the bath and yell INCOMING!!!!

92. When your parents take over the tv...you go straight to wolfenstin

93. When someone asks you for your phone number you give them the FA server IP address

94. When someone asks you what is your favorite subject in school....you answer wolfenstien

95. When you go on a 10 or more killing spree or 5 death spree

96. When you strip down a dead body, and use the clothes to gain access places. (I can finally get into the playboy mansion! how do you think I dressed Tongue )

97. When your little sister plays barbie and she changes clothes, you yell Enemy in disguise!

98. When you are on the toilet and yell "Incoming!"

99.When you hit the 99th ET freak comment.

100. When you are in scouts and they give you a star you yell Congrations on your promotion Leutnant General (don't reallyk now what its called)

101. When your mom yells "Dinner's ready!!!" you yell back "Nein!

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