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Operation Tower Night - op_tower_night.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Operation Tower Night - op_tower_night.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: op_tower_night.pk3
Map name: op_tower_night.bsp
Author(s): Old-Owl


Old-Owl released a night version of his map Operation Tower.


Changes :


- Adjusted bug in the garden fences, where bulles pass only in one direction, now bullets

pass through fences in both directions.

- New sky (Thanks Avoc)

- Removed the grass on the terrrain to improve the FPS (Lot of players asked me that)

- Added windows in the tower, cool for snipers and other uses.

Water around tower is less high, almost impossible for allies to jump down without crush.

Added a new door (axis only) in the wall back to the tower.

(Enogma suggestions)

- Added a building and few details

(Wutangh suggestion)

- Fixed some lights around

- Thanks to Lammert for his nice command map

- Added columns in the tunnel underground, good to hide and escape.

- Thanks to all members of Dark Alchemy for the help in searching bugs and giving advices.


op_tower_night waypoints.rar

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