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Need help in making award images

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As I have announced it before we are planning to start new award system.


You can see awards here:




I would like to know who can contribute in making new sexy images for awards.

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[quote name=Shaky >:D' date='23 October 2009 - 10:09 AM' timestamp='1256288953' post='37792]

Ill volunteer myself


Thanks. We need images for these awards:


1. Highest headshot for W:ET


2. Highest Kill for W:ET and COD 4.


3. Admin of the month.


4. Moderator of the month.


5. Scrim team winning match award.


6. Geek award for coder and PC support helpers. :)


7. Most active member of the month.


8. Best signature of the month.


9. Popular blog award.

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Do they need to be small enuff to go under avatar?








<----------- like right here?

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Do they need to be small enuff to go under avatar?




Like under your signature :P and then it also shows here :)




Shaky I like that head shot award but can you make the blue part alpha transparent?


Here are some example images:




Like POM, SOM, etc awards and check their images. I wan't something like it :)

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well, here's my try for the general ones.


award1_wBOM.png small: small_wBOM.png


award1_wDOM.png small: small_wDOM.png


award1_wMOM.png small: small_wMOM.png


award1_wPOM.png small: small_wPOM.png


award1_wSOM.png small: small_wSOM.png


Images Limit:::::...



small: http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb257/Danzer-/small_wtext.png


Haven't had time for the game awards today, so ill probably do it tomorrow.

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