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travel ...which city?!?!?!

krAzy :)

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hey :hi

my school class and me are going on a journey in the last week of april.

now...our problem is : where should we go?

we thought about these cities: prague , stockholm, barcelona, oslo, riga, Saint Petersburg, nederland, kopenhagen, budapest.

does anyone live in one of these cities, or did he visit ....

how is nightlive ....coz we want to party!!!! ! ! ! ! !

money doesnt really count for us ....we organized a big party and we got more then 1500€ per person !!!! :D

thx in forward for reply

if u know some other awesome city, write it plz (but we have to stay in EU)

important: in this city/country it should be legal to drink alk. with 18 years!!!

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My favorite city if I ever wanna go for tourism :


Luxor (Egypt)

Agra (India) I wanna see Taj Mahal ;=(

Beijing (China)

Tokyo (Japan)

New York (USA) I wanna see Empire state building

Grand Canyon, Arizona (USA)

for europe!!! well I dunno may be Italy, Holland and Spain


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I would go to Barcelona and party but Prague and Budapest have some nice party places too. The best place to party however would have to be Paris and Rotterdam (speaking from personal experience). Paris has Euroland (european version of Disneyland) so you can have fun during the day as well.

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Munich, or Paris. Paris probably has some of the best clubs in europe. Munich has alot of pretty ladies and good good drinks. I had the opportunity to spend a summer with my uncle in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, P®oland, spent a few days in the Netherlands. hands down Europe is the best looking places on earth. Oslo is fun too, i have distant relative their, but it is COLD. like cold enuff to make me never leave the house

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:thanks for replies

i'm (or we are) searching espacially a place where cute girls are :P

soo...im surely not going to london .... or england :D

and i hate that shitty weather

munich is too near to our city (its 4 hours away) and we want to go far away

barcelona: most classes of our school went to barcelona ....so...maybe we arent going there

i heard that paris is a little bit dangerouse in the night .. . but i think every big city is

is someone from riga? i heard in the disco are most of the people girls . . . cute girls .... B)

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i heard that paris is a little bit dangerouse in the night .. . but i think every big city is

No, Paris is not dangerous. Some "boroughs" are not a good place to walk at night, but it's not "tourist areas". There is nothing interesting to see in that boroughs.

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eww new york.


Las vegas, nevada......Hell yes...

Beijing is pretty nice too, tokyo is definitely a must, so is Osaka or kyoto


Best party place really, CANCUN, Mexico


New York is fun as hell if you know where to go.

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new york is so overated, its all site-seeing, but for partying, new york isnt really the best....

plus, i went shopping there with my gf once, a simple hollister T-Shirt that costs 30dollars

here costed 60, and abercrombie jacket that costs 100 here costed 150 there lol..


btw fbiman, your avatar gif, do you know what match it was from? its hilarious :D

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