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help boosting IRC


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you guys may haven't noticed but then forums now have a IRC channel..

but every time I drop by is empty, and there is no need for it to be empty.. :hmm

as a suggestion we you guys come into the forums to check out new post.. open a new tab on the browser with the IRC... and logon WHILE you browse the post, and you may find many others online, and sometimes a long topic can be resumed to a simple conversation.. ;)

if you guys do this I bet will have a great IRC community in no time.. hope to cya in IRC.. :hi

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yeah im online but between forum, xfire, cod4 server and in the same time reading some docs ... muahahahahahah TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for my little head to handle :embrass


but also I'm scared of you... I'm afraid if i said something you gonna kill me after :cry

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Right click on IRC and open in new tab. It's java based so it will not take much resources from your CPU. It's just shoutbox but more advanced then lamer shoutbox where everyone can spam.

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