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Introduce you country


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Since here on FA we have so many, from so diferent places in the world, I think that it would be cool for each one to say a bit about their country.. after all.. in these "global" days.. we should all know our world a little bit.


So I start posting a bit about Portugal.. my homeland that I love so much..


Location: maps.google.com

Portugal is a little country in Europe.. between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean.. (But does NOT belong to Spain)..

It as two other island clusters in the Atlantic Açores and Madeira.. It as a almost tropical climate since it is the most southern country in Europe.. and half of our border is water.. (I couldn't imagine myself living without beaches )



It is a +-900 year old country.. it is a very small piece of land but.. it was ALL conquered by our first king..

In the XVI century we stared exploring the seas and we were "on top of the game" at that time.. we owned discovered lands all over the globe.. in Africa, India and Asia.. Macau was ours until the year 2000.. we also discovered South America (Brazil) a few years after Columbus discovered north america.. But we have given independence to all of our territories ..



There are few ppl in Europe that we have something in common with.. most of them are to "cold" (maybe because of the weather)...

we are and easy going ppl.. very relaxed.. we tend to get along with everybody.. as long as they don't bother us we don't bother anyone.. we just want to be left alone living our peaceful lives.. but don't take us for suckers.. the XVI century bold spirit is still here.. and (when we bother our selfs) we can do great things and display great courage, even on things that others may think is to fullish to do :P


Live style:

I am proud to say the even that we try to keep up with the modern times.. we still maintain allot of traditions and the old life styles... and from where I see it the is no reason to let go.. We have GREAT Mediterranean cuisine, great wines and we know how to party :P

for ex.: After having dinner at 9PM its normal to go out for a drink since pubs only close at 2AM and this on a work night


so next time you plan a trip drop by to say hello..


now I leave you with some fotos I found on the web about Portugal

Forum gallery

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I'm from America. It's pretty much the most kick ass country on earth. My brother and I watched them lighting up Mount Rushmore once and on the way back to the car, we started listing all the reasons America kicked ass... here's an abbreviated list of our accomplishments:


- The Erie Canal

- Chevrolet Corvettes

- Chuck Norris

- Colt Firearms

- Winning WWII

- The Manhattan Project

- Pantera

- Mr. T

- Harley Davidson Motorcycles

- Cowboys

- American Football

- Jazz, blues, rock, metal, and country music

- Marissa Miller

- The F22 Raptor

- MacGuyver

- The Panama Canal

- Computers

- Electric lighting

- Christie Brinkley

- Phonographs

- Playboy

- Frank's Red Hot

- Fast food

- Mad Max

- Black Bears

- Television

- Video Games

- The right to bear arms

- Sylvester Stallone

- Jet engines

- Agent Orange


The list goes on. We have good food and--contrary to popular European belief--good beer. We brew more than Bud Light here.

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Im from America, but one of part of all America, México, Guadalajara Jalisco:


Guadalajara (English pronunciation: /ˌɡwÉ‘ËdÉ™ləˈhÉ‘rÉ™/,[1] Spanish: [waðalaˈhaɾa]) is the capital city of the Mexican state of Jalisco, and the seat of the municipality of Guadalajara. The city is located in the central region of the state and in the western-Pacific area of Mexico. With a population of 1,579,174 it is Mexico's second most populous municipality.[2] The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area includes seven other adjacent municipalities and has a population of 4,095,715 in 2008, making it the second most populous metropolitan area in Mexico, behind Mexico City.[2][3] The municipality is the most densely populated in Mexico after Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl in the State of Mexico.[4]


Guadalajara is situated at an altitude of 1,600 metres (5,200 ft).




Sister cities


Sister cities Flag City Country Year

Flag of Costa Rica Alajuela Costa Rica[18] 1983

Flag of the United States Albuquerque United States[18] 1985

Flag of Peru Arequipa Peru

Flag of the United States Atlanta United States[18] 2009

Flag of the Philippines Batangas Philippines

Flag of Venezuela Caracas Venezuela[18] 1976

Flag of the Philippines Cebu Philippines[18] 1976

Flag of Peru Lima Peru[18] 1976

Flag of Spain Ceuta Spain

Flag of Spain Cigales Spain[18] 1992

Flag of the United States Cleveland United States[18] 1976

Flag of Brazil Curitiba Brazil[18] 1995

Flag of South Korea Daejeon South Korea[18] 1997

Flag of the Philippines Dagupan Philippines[18]

Flag of the United States Downey United States[18] 1960

Flag of Spain Guadalajara Spain[18] 1982

Flag of Guam Hagåtña Guam[18] 1976

Flag of the United States Kansas City United States[18] 1993

Flag of Jamaica Kingston Jamaica[18] 1976

Flag of Poland Krakow Poland[18] 1978

Flag of Japan Kyoto Japan[18] 1978

Flag of the United States Lansing United States[18] 1990

Flag of the United States Compton United States

Flag of Mexico Magdalena de Kino Mexico[18] 1984

Flag of Equatorial Guinea Malabo Equatorial Guinea[18] 1976

Flag of Italy Milan Italy[18] 1976

Flag of Mexico Nochistlán Mexico[18] 1997

Flag of Spain Oñati Spain[18] 2002

Flag of Panama Panama City Panama[18] 1976

Flag of the United States Portland United States[18] 1983

Flag of the United States St. Louis United States[18] 1993

Flag of Russia Saint Petersburg Russia[19]

Flag of the United States San Antonio United States[18] 1974

Flag of Costa Rica San José Costa Rica[18]

Flag of El Salvador San Salvador El Salvador[18] 1976

Flag of the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Dominican Republic[18]

Flag of Spain Seville Spain[18] 1977

Flag of Honduras Tegucigalpa Honduras[18] 1976

Flag of the United States Tucson United States[18] 1972

Flag of Poland Wroclaw Poland[18] 1995

Flag of the People's Republic of China Xiamen China[18]

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I'm from Missouri, a semi-autonomous region inside the United States. We have forests that stretch for hundreds of miles in all directions. This is one of the last places in the world where you can walk out in your backyard and live off the land. I grew up hunting and fishing. If society collapses we will just revert to an pioneer lifestyle. You can get off the grid here. Missouri is full of mountains and caves too. It's beautiful.



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Damn.. never expect to see so much lazy ppl.. the point of this thread is for you to tell in you word.. what you think of your country.. and present what you think is the best of you country.. not just dump wikipedia info :(

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I'm from America. In the awesome state of Utah. hmm utah you say? Isn't that where the mormons are? dont they have horns?


Indeed, about 70% of people in my state are/were mormons. Horn free though.


Utah has some pretty fun stuff to do, believe it or not. It's not all gospel study and lame parties :lol:


Personally, I love the awesome parks here. Zions National, Bryce Canyon National, Goblin Valley, Arches; all some of the most beautiful desert and mountain scenery you will see, imho.


Obviously, as most of the state is over 3000 feet in altitude, it gets fairly cold... and that cold brings snow. the greatest snow on earth. this is due to the low levels of moisture in the air, so when it snows, its nice and powdery, perfect for hitting the ski resorts. And there is plenty of those. My personal fav is Park City Mountain Resort, its conveniently located near a hospital, it has some of the best terrain parks in the world, and best of all, OLYMPICS! yes, i can ride the same trails and slopes that gold medalist once rode.


Another awesome thing.... Training Table. hands down the best burger joint.


haha i can't believe i actually wrote all that!

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Chile :hiChile.jpg

Palacio%20de%20La%20Moneda%20%20Chile.jpg <------- my house xD :blink:






Chile, officially the Republic of Chile (Spanish: RepChile.ogg República de Chile), is a country in South America occupying a long, narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south. It is one of two countries in South America (with Ecuador) which do not border Brazil. The Pacific coastline of Chile is 6,435 kilometres.[2] Chilean territory includes the Pacific islands of Juan Fernández, Salas y Gómez, Desventuradas and Easter Island. Chile also claims about 1,250,000 square kilometres (480,000 sq mi) of Antarctica. Currently, Chile is one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations.[5] It leads Latin American nations in human development, gross domestic product per capita,[7][8] competitiveness, quality of life, political stability, globalization, economic freedom, low perception of corruption and comparatively low poverty rates.[9] It also ranks high regionally in freedom of the press and democratic development. It has a high income inequality, as measured by the Gini index.[4]




Chile is a founding member of the United Nations and the Union of South American Nations. Sports Chile's most popular sport is association football (soccer). Chile has appeared in seven FIFA World Cups which includes hosting the 1962 FIFA World Cup where the national football team finished third. Other results achieved by the national football team include four finals at the Copa América, one silver and two bronze medals at the Pan American Games, a bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics and two third places finishes in the FIFA under-17 and under-20 youth tournaments. The main soccer clubs are Colo-Colo, CF Universidad de Chile and CD Universidad Católica. Colo-Colo is the country's most successful club, winning 46 national tournaments and three international championships, including the coveted Copa Libertadores South American club tournament. Tennis is the country's most successful sport. Its national team won the World Team Cup clay tournament twice in 2003–04, and played the Davis Cup final against Italy in 1976. At the 2004 Summer Olympics the country captured gold and bronze in men's singles and gold in men's doubles. Marcelo Ríos became the first Latin American man to reach the number one spot in the ATP singles rankings in 1998. Anita Lizana won the US Open in 1937, becoming the first women from Latin America to win a grand slam tournament. Luis Ayala was twice a runner-up at the French Open and both Ríos and Fernando González reached the Australian Open men's singles finals. At the Olympic Games Chile boasts two gold medals (tennis), seven silver medals (athletics, Equestrian, boxing, shooting and tennis) and four bronze medals (tennis, boxing and football). Rodeo is the country's national sport and is practiced in the more rural areas of the country. A sport similar to hockey called chueca was played by the Mapuche people during the Spanish conquest. Skiing and snowboarding are practiced at ski centers located in the Central Andes, while surfing is popular at some coastal towns. Polo is professionally practiced within Chile and in 2008 Chile achieved top prize in the World Polo Championship a tournament where the country has earned both second and third places medals in previous editions. Basketball is a popular sport in which Chile has earned a bronze medal in the first men's FIBA World Championship held in 1950 and winning a second bronze medal when Chile hosted the 1959 FIBA World Championship. Chile hosted the first FIBA World Championship for Women in 1953 finishing the tournament with the silver medal. massu.jpg Athens Olympic medals


seleccion-chilena-marcelo-bielsa-300x212.jpg Team Football coach Marcelo Bielsa Sudafrica 2012:lol:





Rancagua (I live in this region of Chile <_< ) :


Rancagua is a city in central Chile, located 87 km south of Santiago. It is the capital of the Cachapoal Province and of the O'Higgins Region. It has a population of 206,971 (2002 census). The main economic activities range from mining activity, tourism, agriculture, wood industry, food production and services to minor industrial activities. The city also serves as the administrative and legal center of the region. Rancagua,%20ciudad.jpg



sewell-slide_1.jpgSeweell Mining town located in the Andes Tourism





torres%20del%20paine%20Nat%20Park%20Patagonia%20German.jpg Torres Del Paine 423_moais%20de%20la%20isla%20de%20pascua.jpg Isla De Pascua




423_laguna%20san%20rafael.jpg Laguna San Rafael


and that is my country :yahoo

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@Wala : nice pics :P didnt know easter island was on chile.. learned something there


@Husa: Slovenia? Bosnia? you live in 2 countries? would you like to explain that... in your words please.. whats the story..

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@Wala : nice pics :P didnt know easter island was on chile.. learned something there


@Husa: Slovenia? Bosnia? you live in 2 countries? would you like to explain that... in your words please.. whats the story..

Once,a while ago,Slovenia,Croatia,Bosnia,Serbia,Macedonia were 1 country.So let's say that Slovenia was most developed and had much better schools then in Bosnia.So my dad came in Slovenia when he was 14 years old.He came with friends and he started with high school here.After some years he got job,he also met my mother in Bosnia(he went to bosnia every few weeks when he could),but she didn't want to come to Slovenia first so she went to Switzerland to work.After 2 years working in Switzerland's mountains in hotel she came in Slovenia to my dad.They married and after year or two also in ex Yugoslavia went war.Slovenia wanted to be indpendent,after it Croatia followed,then Bosnia.Other Yugoslavian republics was against that so war became.So my parents just started life in Slovenia,dad made school,found job had a good payment so he bought an apartment in flat.After 10 days "war"in Slovenia,Slovenia became independet.But Croatia and Bosnia didn't pass it so well.1991-1995 24/7 constantly war...So let's say that also wasn't reason to move to Bosnia again.Dad had job,apartment,after some time mum found job too...What else should they have.1993 mum became pregnant,and 1994 a jerk has born(me:p)So the reason i gave to countries is that my parents born there,but i born in Slovenia and i am living here now for 12 years (2 years i lived in Germany because dad got business transferred)I am Bosnian and i'm proud of it.Some people would say i'm Slovenian but no.My parents are Bosnian,they born there and cuz of all circumstances i have born in Slovenia.I hope u all understood what i just said.

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