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Website All forum members please do this


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If you didnt do it yet...


1. Open your profile

On the upper right corner open the pulldown menu at your profile name.


2. Click the upper right link "Edit my profile"


3. Update your Birtday

During forum migration everybodies birthday was reset to 1.1.1970....


4. Update your Xfire, ICQ, etc...




5. Edit your "About me page."

You can add links to external profiles or add a small description / introduction of you.

In other words.. personalize your f|a "homepage" :D


6. Add a profile photo

Upload a nice profile picture (150x150 max. 50kb)

Its something different to your avatar!




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  • Administrators

That 50Kb is for clan members only. Rest are restricted to 30Kb. Clan members have more benefit on forums. :)


Special friends like suicidal, tulsa and few others also have 50Kb. It's just i need to fix their permissions. :)


Clan members can also make more blogs compare to register members and have more PM box limit. Leaders have more extra benefits on clan members. :)

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Please check your profile if you still havent.


Please check dares post too: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/3203-forums-private-access/page__hl__dixus__fromsearch__1



You see now a roster link in the upper right. It should popup in a new window.


Check if you are there and if you are in the right section.


Update your location! If you do people can click on it and see where this foreign country is ( by google earth).

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