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Women fakes own daughters death for more vacation time.


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NEW YORK -- A school employee is accused of faking her own daughter's death in order to get another week of vacation in Costa Rica.


At the time, Joan Barnett was a parent coordinator at the Manhattan School of Hospitality Management.


Authorities say she was so determined to extend her 2010 vacation that in she had one of her daughters call the school and lie about her sister having a heart attack.


She even went so far as to provide school officials with a fake death certificate.


When the truth finally came out, Barnett ultimately lost her job.


In August 2010, another school employee, this time in the Bronx said faked the death of her mother to explain missing three days of work.


An issue with the death certificate in that case also led to her ultimately being fired.







I am sorry, but if you have to fake your daughters death and have a fake death certificate you deserve more than just losing your job. As well, why do so many people "fake" a loved ones death? That is just stupid all together.

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Reminds me of the soccer player Stephen Ireland who refused to play for Ireland one night because his "grandmother died". It came out a few days later that she was fine and healthy so he said it was the other one and yet she was the same, nice and healthy. He's still hated to this day for making up a BS story like that..


I don't know what to say about people who lie like this.. I'll just say they need to be lined up next to the Pope and shot countless times..

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WTF is happening to this world!! Why i hear all damn stupid crazy news from every corner of this lifeless world.People have lost their minds


last week i saw a news on yahoo that said " in Texas, a babysitter chopped a 5 years old girl with an hacksaw" :mad

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