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Suggestion for the new ANTI-CHEAT mod


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Quiet recently, a new program called 'Antipro' was launched for W:ET.

It's an new mod that is rather effective fighting cheating.


If you want to read more about the mod:



Antipro is a project coming from developers of the Anti3 anticheat that was used in the World Cup 3v3 and Crossfire NC. The mod is based on ETPro and has one main goal: Supply the community with an alternative Anticheat that is supposed to improve the level of protection against cheaters (as much as we can do). (quoted from SL)


Maybe it's a good idea to set Antipro on (at least Jaymod) servers; since there keep coming more and more hackers or cheaters!


Thanks for the attention,


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I'm sure Dare has been following this closely... it should be pretty good. Foxdie was the originator of the PBBans hub software. Unfortunately, at this point, it is still in "beta," and cannot work with PB (which is okay). Another huge problem is that it requires users to register.

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PUB server = No.


For ETPRO once it enters stable release we will use it.


I had hard time with ETPUB nighly builds and I am fairly busy over this days and I don't want to keep checking logs and reporting to dev team that this are the bugs and please fix it. I don't like to play wait and watch game that when they will release new update.


NQ is already giving me hard time when they even don't support half of my map scripts which works well on Etpub and jaymod. Once they will release stable release we will use it for sure.


Also, Etpro is not getting used much anyways. It should be soon converted to COD 4 MW 2 if people are not scrimming or using it.

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