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Here comes the superunicornrainbowparty!


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I know quite a few of you already know me from in servers but for those that don't;


Hello, my name is sparklepony ^.^


I am you average low IQ high K/D CoD4 player rofl, I enjoy long romantic walks on the beach and watching the sunset on a picnic blanket :P


But in all seriousness I have been playing CoD4 since early 2008 and was a member of the competitive scene for a good portion of that time playing both PaM4 and promod in casual scrim and competition


Since moving my main competitive focus to the world of warcraft raiding scene I have toned down on the CoD4 playing and mostly just play casually on 1.6 servers (I consider 1.6 my home cuz it's the patch I started)


I look forward to playing more with you guys and interacting on the forums getting to know this chill group of players, but I definitely like what I see so far, there is a good amount of skill and fun in F|A servers

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Ah I remember the WoW raiding days...staying up till 5:00am dpsing it up or healing. Never liked being a tank. i'm glad I quit WoW tho.


Anyways, welcome to the forums. cya on the servers :).

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