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PC fan issue is making my laptop sloww


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alright so i got a 14 inch HP laptop two years ago, and its been working awesomely till about a couple months ago. the fan started going on high all of the time, instead being at "low" most of the time, and high only sometimes. i don't really mind the noise, but i noticed that my whole computer goes significantly slower, and ET and any other game lags to the point where i can barely play it. just yesterday i did a system restore that brought it back to factory specs hoping to make it go faster like it used to. instead, the fan is still on high all the time and my computer still runs a lil laggy... anyone know what might be the problem/how to fix it?


ummmmm.... i think i just fixed it LMFAO... apparently my dead old battery that can't hold charges anymore was causing it, cuz i took it out and it shuts the fan up, but the second i put it back in the fan goes psycho...

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that battery might be the issue, but it could be that the Motherboard has gone bad, and old, and decided to start going crazy. But I think you would notice more changes happening for just the motherboard. Im more versed in Desktops, but I wouldnt think the battery would cause everything to run slower. Maybe so, i dont know. But I am not too sure that it is just the battery causing this issue with the Laptop

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yes you need to check that boar is saying you, also your problem can be for virus or much junk in your laptop. you can download some softwares as Ccleaner, or tune up utilities it will help u to eliminate and clean your computer registry. if your HDD is very full you can erase some things that you dont use (music, movies and other things that you really dont need or dont use). And for check virus run your analizer. and i recommend you Malwarebytes its antimalware and its excelent.



use Ccleaner is very easy here i say you how use it:


1 erase all the things and programs that you dont need (movies, songs, etc)

2 run Ccleaner and click in analize and wait until it finish. when it finished. click in tun cleaner.

3 and for the registry you do the same things.


this software isnt one of the best, but its free and can help you to keep your computer clean.



and for the game you can use game booster or other software that fast your game ( this soft only stop some activities into the pc for dedicate all the memory to the game)


i hope be of help for you friend. i am noob in this topics but it will help you a little.

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Actually he's probably more on with the fact his defunk battery is the issue. Still illusion if you haven't already done so I'd get some compressed air and give it a good once over. You'd be surprised how much dust can accumulate in there over the course of a few years.


Depending on the computer, I'd download a temp monitoring solution like Specy, coretemp, speedfan or something similar to make sure your not overheating. Hopefully a new battery isn't to expensive. :D

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