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Most Popular COD series?



So I have recently found my addiction for COD. I was finally able to understand the aiming and moving about. I am now addicted and bring my issue here to you.


That being said, I have not followed the whole COD series and I was wondering if you can give me some pointers on which is the best series, most popular or the most fun to play. Also, which FA servers are populated for a good COD experience in game? I enjoyed the xbox live but being in the barracks a TV and game system is hard to drag around so I am gonna try online.


Can you also post links to the series you suggest for the requirements to be able to play.



My current computer specs are:


HP Pavilion DV7 Notebook PC

AMD Turion x2 dual core mobile RM-74

4GB System Memory

ATI Mobility Radeon HD3650

Max Refresh Rate 60

System BIOS F.49




Perhaps you can also help figure out which one is best for me to buy with the specs I have posted so I am not wasting money on a game I cannot play. Thanks for the help.



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Get Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, we have 4 F|A servers on that game. Maybe F|A is also getting servers for MW3 but I'm not so sure about that...


I have CoD4 and Black Ops, I don't like Black Ops at all... only bought the game because F|A had servers on that game, but not anymore :/ So now I just play CoD4. It's a fun game but lately I'm so bored that I don't even feel like gaming:/



You can check the price of the game here and also the requirements

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