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Well Hello there!


Its been a few years since i have been a clan forum member, so exuse me if my ettiquette is a bit rusty.


My name is Rich, I am 27 And from the sout west of England, UK.


Having enjoyed quite a lot of fun on the Enemy Teritory Servers, I thought i would check out the webstie and forums :)


I have played ET for several clans, all be it a few years ago now, But have recently got back into playing and looking for a new community of gamers to play with regularly, Wheather its just for a bit of fun, or even competitivley.


Looks like you have a great community of freinds/family here, Keep up the great work! :rolleyes:



See some of you in Game!



Rich (Wh!rlW!nd)

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hello and welcome to our little F|Amily :hi


I see what you did there, If only I Had thought of that to begin with....

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Welcome! Good to see you join the forums dude :) Had fun on silent with you th'other day!


Yes sir! only no sound as i was at work :cry



Thank you all for the warm welcome messages... or at least lets hope there warm as its not too hot outside!

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