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Tattoo Flash by docfr8 (Mike Hunt)

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Nice. Love the Cali tribal. California love!! Ha ha. I was thinking when I have money to spend and thought about it more, I would think about getting the kanji for strength on my right shoulder/upper arm and the kanji for wisdom on my left shoulder/upper arm. What do you think? Not sure if I should also get some type of animal that symbolizes each kanji there as well. Like a tiger for strength and eagle for wisdom. Anyway, nice designs, really love them!

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Would you be interested in drawing some type of tatoo design with an idea that I gave to you? I like your work.


Absolutely.. I love to design stuff on the fly.. Get with me sometime and we can figure something out!!!!

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Wow these Tattoos are amazing man especially the California one great job :D

Thanks I love my state :)

I want you to make me ANgel wings for my next tattoo <3 =)

Absolutely babe.. I will make whatever you want <3

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I love squid <3 , really good art dude, keep up the good work! (Seriously, i want that squid on my chest)


TYVM... The squid is a unique creature that is very mysterious.. My favorite kind of squid is the Humboldt squid.. they supposedly get big enought to eat really big fish and whales... Im also a sailor.. a derogatory term for us sailors is "Squids".. so i feel somewhat attached even if its a derogatory remark.. Im a more like a "Devil Squid" or "Marine/Sailor" mixed together cuz Im a Navy Corpsmen :)

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