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  1. Being a medical professional that with over 15 years experience in emergency/combat medicine; I am wired to react to medical emergencies routinely. With that said, most people in society have no medical experience. Unless they have specifically been trained to render first aid to people in traumatic situations; these individuals may freeze up or just not know what to do.. Good Sumaritans are people that provide help to the injured. Ideally we hope that most people that run into emergency situations will render lifesaving help. People that just watch and video trauma while they could possibly render life saving first aid are DOUCHE BAGS.. I hate people that do that.. I could understand if there was a massive fire engulfing a vehicle and the flames were too hot to access any of the victims, but to watch to young teens in trauma whilst video recording the whole incident is beyond me.. We would hope that people make the right choices, especially when peoples lives hang in the balance
  2. Its amazing in this day in age how technology and the use of mulitimedia communications brings people from different regions of the world together. I have much to be thankful for and now I more blessings in my life; Due to this clan forum and Wolf ET, my interaction through this gaming community has opened new doors in my life that enabled me to have fun gaming and fun finding my soulmate... I couldnt have asked for a more perfect union!!!!. I found my soulmate playing a game that I love.. We have many of the same interest and everything just "clicked".. In a nutshell, we spent countless hours (over a 3 year period) on multiple variations of social medias to get to know each other.. We finally we made the arrangements to meet and see if we were really meant to be..... Well, we met and solidified our relationship... Thats all she wrote from there.. Now we have a baby and we are going to be married soon..... Cant ask for a better outcome than what im experiencing from this whole scenario.. I do have this to say.. Many people hated on us and hated on me (you know whou you are) about being "virtual" and "not real", but let me assure you, everything I feel and love about this woman is real.. The distance didnt matter, the fact that we met on the internet didnt matter.. Plain and simple, we fell in love and the baby that is in my fiance's womb is real.. It cant get any realer than that!!!! All haters are always going to hate no matter what.. For all of those whom have shown love and blessful greetings about this, thanks so much for taking the time to acknowledge this.. Peace out
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  4. Happy Birthday docfr8!

  5. There is many instances when a !shuffle could have been utilized while I was on the server. I would ask other admins onboard if they had the capability, but come up empty handed. I agree, !shuffle does get abused by people, and it boils down to the admin's judgement. There are many variables for a !shuffle.. Knowing the players onboard and skill levels are probably the most important aspect. Never !shuffle midmap (stirring the pot of unhappy players), and always !shuffle in the start of the map during intermission. I typically do a !howfair to see the players strengths before I join up on a team. There are people that dont like the shuffle because they enjoy with playing with certain players perhaps. Thats all fine and dandy, but when !putteam is utilized, people dont like it, especially if they dont want to switch. It is always best to ask someone from the opposite team to switch (more skilled player) in private message. I tend to get a better reaction from players when I ask them to help out on a team that has a lower skillset of players. All in all.. !Shuffle would be nice if utilzed correctly and not abused by the people who are given the authority to utilze the command.
  6. TYVM... The squid is a unique creature that is very mysterious.. My favorite kind of squid is the Humboldt squid.. they supposedly get big enought to eat really big fish and whales... Im also a sailor.. a derogatory term for us sailors is "Squids".. so i feel somewhat attached even if its a derogatory remark.. Im a more like a "Devil Squid" or "Marine/Sailor" mixed together cuz Im a Navy Corpsmen
  7. burger king is flame broiled and the patties are way bigger than the standards at McDonalds... Burger king has onion rings too Yum
  8. docfr8

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    yep... I am actually an Independent Duty Corpsman.. (advanced)
  9. Thanks I love my state Absolutely babe.. I will make whatever you want <3
  10. Happy Fathers Day Gentlemen

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      happy fathers day!

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      thanks ;)


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