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Hi all greetings from Greece


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Fill in this form


Ingame Name:

Xfire :

Location :


How often do you play:

Have you submited your last 8 character of GUID in your profile:

Do you use vent ( Yes / No (If not why not?)):

=F|A= Server you play on most :

Your expertise ( Coding, Web designing, Photoshop, etc) :

Do you have VIP membership:

Have you donated:

Will you be able to help in recruiting?:

What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us:

Referral (Which member referred you):

Do you have 40,000 XP (not necessary on Jay2 and Jay3 Beginners):


Tell us about yourself:



and post it in the application section (http://fearless-assa...m/forum/28-wet/ if you count yourself as european). Make sure to read through the sticky post first though (http://fearless-assa...how-to-join-fa/). And yes, you need at least 20 posts to be considered seriously (as written in the sticky).


EDIT: Also, welcome to the forums.

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