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  1. vikegirl


    Fly with the angels, David Bowie...
  2. Welcome new friend and good luck! I'm sure we will see ya soon in the game
  3. Welcome back Sagala... It's almost like coming back home isn't it
  4. Oh my gosh man... I am so excited to see you here, lol... It's like running into an old friend from high school (but everyone at the school carried guns and grenades, lol)... How far Midwest are ya? Anywhere near Wisconsin?
  5. WOW. That is crazy. One time I was on my way to work (I worked 3:30pm to 12:00am shift) and I stopped at the video store to return a movie I rented. I got back in my car and the next thing I know, a lady opened my door. I said "Can I help you?" and all of a sudden she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me out and started beating me up, lol. I did not know this lady and all of the people in the video store were watching this happen but they did nothing to help. I went to work (it was about 3 minutes from the video store) and called the police. They told me this lady had just been released from a mental hospital and her mom was getting a movie for her to watch at home. They said there was nothing they could do because of her mental state so I should just suck it up and lock my car doors from now on... What a great day that was...NOT.
  6. Oh my gosh Karine, that's so awesome!! I'm very happy for you both
  7. Marriage is like playing cards; You start out with 2 hearts and a diamond and end up wishing for a shovel and a spade. - Some dude on Facebook
  8. Thanks all... Trust me, it's good to finally be back! I know crap happens but DAAAANG...Seems that its all happening to me, lol
  9. Hello fellow FA'ers, My name is Vikegirl and I am a regular on ET Silent 1 and Silent 2 servers. I have had the WORST half a year and have been absent for quite some time... First I broke my hand, then I broke my foot and then my 4 year old niece died of the flu... It's been a terrible time for me but this is why I have been gone... I finally pulled up my bootstraps and am ready to rock n roll again... I am sorry I didn't let anyone know but at that time I was so depressed about everything that I didn't even go on the computer. I hope you understand and I hope I can still be an FA member. You should see me as a regular again on Silent 1 or Silent 2, whichever has the most fun players and maps at the time. Missed you and love you and I hope you missed me to. -Vike
  10. Hello Bl!zzard...Welcome to the forums

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