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here is why


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for the past year I have spent more than eight month in the hospital, 3 surgeries on my head , 2 on my eyes 1 to remove a object between my scull and brain (actually a pebble smaller than a pea) left when I was young(1972) from an accident that at the time they didn't have the technology to see it let alone get at it.but it started to move around about 18 months ago and became an irradiation on my brain and had to be removed,that is the really short version..

sorry I haven't posted during this time but for most of it you guys really were not on my mind, and most of the time I wasn't able to see much anyway. so if you really want me to remove my tags I will .


Will I need to reapply?

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You're good to go mate - nobody expects people in hospital to maintain any decent level of activity here :P


You still have your level 9 and that will be fine since COD levels are still the same for now. :)


Good to have you back, and hope you're doing good now!



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