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Supporter attacks goalkeeper


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Stupid football hooligans. As the saying goes "There is always one". Idiot.


And what the hell is up with the ref giving the red card to him? Bad idea imo. What would have happened if the supporter successfully kicked the sh!t out of the keeper, what would happen then? The supporter made a choice to run on the pitch and most of the time they do it just to get on TV, this guy had intent as you see in the replay trying to attack the goalie. Respect to him, I'd have done the same if I was in that position.

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Red card was the most correct thing that arbiter could do! Footballer must think that he's the idol of many ppls (childrens). It's football not MMA. By that situation he shows only his stupid behavior and lack of control.


Ofcourse that supporter is an idiot.

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Agree with argun,

The keeper isnt in the field to kick supporters.

With the first kick was nothing wrong, just self-defense

But he isnt allowed to kick him several times when the guy fell allready

There are many ppl on the lines who will catch the supporter,

The keeper has NOTHING to do with that.

The rules are not hard to follow

Rule 12: when you atack a fellow-player an opponent or a supporter more then you need to you get a red card

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