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WishList! all i want for Christmas is...


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Santa is early this Christmas! I've been saving for a new phone to get this as a gift to myself. But guess what? My parents surprised me & got one for me as an early X-mas present..... :lol ..... I mean i'm not really expecting any gifts from them. I'm already used to giving them gifts, ever since I got a stable job, and not them giving me one. I'm just glad that my folks still gives me gifts even though they don't really need to as I am old enough, so to speak :P




So what is/are on you wishlist (could be tangible/non-tangible)? what do you want to receive from your loved ones?



Happy Christmas & Blessed New Year to all of yah!!!





P.S .....i want you guys to come back to this thread & let us know if you got whatever is/are on your wishlist, ok? ;)

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My wish , well 2 of them : 1st - Alex to be my wife , 2nd - MW3 :D


But srsly my wish is to spend this year xmass with family in home , cuz in last xmass my dad got heart attack and all days of xmass we spend in hospital.

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