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Punkbuster for ET



well im able to join servers and now my punkbuster is not enabled or is not updated to the newest one.


EvenBalance doesnt support PB for ET anymore, and theres no files to download and older update.




even with that said, does that mean there is no way of getting new players to ET also?

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You don't need to update the punkbuster.. You just need to have it enabled as Vanaraud already said above.


Do this:

-Backup your etkey if you have one otherwise use Chuckun's ETKey generator to get one.

-Uninstall ET and remove the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory folder from program files.

-Do a fresh install of ET and patch it:


Now question would be how to patch?

1. Download this file:



Unzip the file and install it. Now you are on 2.6 patch.


2. Now download this file:



unzip it. You will see 2 files name ET.exe and ETDED.exe just copy pate those file in your wolfenstein installation folder.


Your operating system will ask you. Do you want to overwrite the file? Say YES.


Thats it, and you are on 2.6b. smile.gif Their is a difference between 2.6 and 2.6b. Don't get confused.


If you want to PLAY ET you need to use ET.exe and if you want to start your own server you need to use ETDED.exe


With 2.6b you will be also able to play on ETpro scrim servers.


Copy your etkey and paste it in your etmain folder.

When you start ET, it should prompt you to create a profile. Once there, make sure you

Enable PunkBuster. Forget the pbsetup.. no longer useful.

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Thanx for the help i have done that i was just trying to get into etbunker and i keep getting kicked when it connects to punkbuster server i think its error "302" But its all good i like F/A server hardcore baby :camper Thanx again keep up the good work

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