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minecraft related: Loolll.... some people are so dam good at trolling (or are they serious :s )


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Originally Posted by Doo-Fong-Woo viewpost.gif

My point here is that Minecraft is not a violent game, you don't have to have monsters in the game because there is an option to turn it off. In Minecraft you can build anything and show off your creativity. It is not meant to only be about blood and gore like a lot of other games out their, it's meant for fun.



God is the builder and creator of everything. You have no business playing God. You enjoy playing your mineshaft now, and I will later enjoy standing next to Jesus while we both laugh at you experiencing the worst pain you have ever felt at the hands of demons in hell.



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When you start seeing things like this on a christian website and no one says anything you know they have problems-


It seems to be a recurring problem with kids these days.

To much video and not enough outside time and Bible study.

When I was a kid growing up in New York every day we kids would play wonderfull games, stick ball, kick the can, hide and seek and my all time favorite catch a nigra and make him wet himself. Each night it was 3 hours of Bible study and then off to bed by8:30pm. We grew up OK.


Comes from post #8 by James Dewitt

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Thats seriously the weirdest thread I have EVER read in my entire life. I hope these 'Friends of Jesus' are just some trolls because I laughed so hard :P.



The little awards under their names are worth a browse, I saw some called "Flat Earth", "Ex-Masturbator" and "Teabag Patriot". Maybe it's time to introduce something like that to FA forums ?? :DD

I lol'd at the Ex-Masturbator thingy. I think thats a pretty good idea . +1 for the badges!

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Pshaw. That's nothing. I could do this with any game.

For example: F|A's ET servers are run by devil worshippers. They first lure people in with their "perfect" servers. Then when the xp has accumulated into hundreds of thousands they demand money to "keep" the servers going. And when the "donations" aren't "enough", they have a "server crash" and everyone's data is deleted.


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