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Hi. I'm Rx


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Hello, I'm no medic, but I've got your prescription ready (Rx).


I live & work in Chicago.

I've been playing COD4 for a little less than a year, playing almost exclusively on the =F|A= servers.

I'm not the best and not the worst player, but I enjoy the game.

It's great to learn more about the game from good players while having fun re-spawning b/c I jumped on my own 'nade or fell victim to my own failstrike.

I really like the mixed server =F|A= has put together.

Although there have been a few minor issues, the maps are always fresh and so is the mix.

The competition is fierce and brings out the best in all who play.

Also, there's great team play and those wearing the =F|A= tags have always been polite, fair and respectful to anyone on the server.


Looking forward to seeing some of you on the battlefields.


Take care.



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