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Uran Project Beta 2 - uranproject_b2.pk3 - Enemy Territory Map


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Uran Project Beta 2 - uranproject_b2.pk3

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Download pk3 name: uranproject_b2.pk3
Map name: uranproject_b2.bsp
Author(s): ischbinzz





Axis try to build their own nuclear weapon. They do it in a laboratory in the "Alpenfestung" (alps-fortress). They had build a small atomic reactor to get some plutonium. Allied had to enter the bunker areas and must destroy the cooling system of the reactor core to stop the axis experiments and destroy the lab-complex. To do that allies must hold the destroyed reactor core for about 1 or two minutes until the reactor is overheated. But the axis can repair the cooling system - and stop the overheating...




nuclear power plant


beta 2



learning mapping, making this map took over 300 hours - hope you have fun with it!


if you found some bugs or have some suggestions post it in www-dark-alchemy.com forums or e-mail: ischbinzz@hotmail.com



known issues:


release 12.03.2007

1. little more light

2. new house

3. changed dynathings - funnel exit, old_bunker area

4, elavator can only used after destroying the funnnel exit

5. few other minor changes


2nd beta version!


compiled with -meta, -vis, -light -super 2 (took about 46 hours on my a64 4400@2500mhz)

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