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El Kef Beta 3 - beta03_el_kef.pk3 - Enemy Territory Map


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El Kef Beta 3 - beta03_el_kef.pk3

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Download pk3 name: beta03_el_kef.pk3

Map name: el_kef.bsp




El Kef - the making of:



Map & Script : Marko


Command map : Burniole


Testing : Burniole, Coniole, Gone, Blanchet, Kennie, Flak




Map Description:



El Kef is a city taken over by the Allied forces in order backup and cover the Tunisian coast.

An axis squad is sent over to El Kef to rob a radio transmitter so Axis forces can receive the

crypted messages of Allied defense points.


The map is split in 2 main sections:


- A first section where the aim is to rush for a forward spawn flag and destroy a main entrance

gate. This section is similar to the first part of oasis because the flag and objective are close

and a team door allows an attacking team covert ops to open a direct access to the final objective


- A second section where the aim is to steal an objective and return it to a truck. There are several

ways of reaching this objective, and an important one is a command post which provides an advanced spawn

for the team that sets it up.


Map Contents:



- 1 neutral command post

- 3 different spawns per team

- 1 objective to rob (radio transmitter)

- 1 extraction point (truck)

- 2 constructible defenses for the defending team (satchel breakable)

- 1 health & ammo rack

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