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Hello =F|A= !!!


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Hi! I'm Jayson, /XR/GUNNER on W:ET. I've been playing on the =F|A= Recruiting XP Save server for a couple years. Always a lot of fun! I have been thinking of applying to join =F|A= for a while. Joined /XR/ over 4 years ago after an invitation, but members eventually stopped playing on their server and I hate playing bots. I've only seen one other /XR/ member in the past year. Anyway, like I said, I had been thinking of applying but the xp was reset recently and I have just gotten back over 50,000. Then yesterday I went to play and found I was banned for 10 days. Apparently my son got on earlier yesterday and got kicked for messing with mortars. He's only seven and I've told him he's not allowed on =F|A= servers.


Basically I'm wondering if I can get the ban lifted and whether this will affect my ability to join. I've never caused problems on =F|A= servers, and I think several Recruiting server regulars could vouch for that: GermanKilla, RoadKill, MiNiOn, Pablin, Smee, Bell Reavue, or even JoeDirt (though I don't think he likes me much ;).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello and welcome to our forums :)


As for your ban, you'll want to make an unban request here: http://fearless-assa...-unban-request/


As for applying to join F|A, you'll want to play clanless/tagless with us for 3 months, give or take. It's entirely up to our founders :)


But right now, read over what's expected of F|A admins here: http://fearless-assa...how-to-join-fa/


And by following those rules and guidelines, you can easily earn yourself level 1, 2 or 3, and it'll put you on the right path to joining F|A in the near future :)


EDIT: You'll also want to fill out your profile, and definitely submit your GUID. Level is never given on the server without an updated GUID in your profile :)


Learn how to submit your GUID here: http://fearless-assa...guid-with-pics/

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Hello Gunner!


Welcome to the forum. If you want to protest a ban, click this link: Unban requests


Make sure you fill this form out.


- Server Name or IP.

- Name you were using at the time you were banned

- Approximate time / date of ban

- Possible reasons for your ban


Unfortunately many person blames an unknown person for bad behaviour, we plenty of times heard: It was my brother, my cousin. Even if you say the truth we are because of the above mentioned cases we will always be suspicious. First of all we would like to hear the admin's story who banned you, as we all know every story has two sides(nothing personal against you, i dont know you :)).




EDIT: Anti beaten me :cry

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Thanks, Joker, Anitchrist. I just added my GUID to profile, and will read how-to on unban requests. I'm not sure who banned me. I guess I should've realized my explanation sounds like an excuse that others will have used before. However I have played on that server for a long time without any problems. Don't think I've ever even been muted, let alone banned. It is only a 10-day ban and I could just serve it, but I just want to make sure it's not a blemish on my record that will hurt my chances for joining.


Thanks for the advice and replies. I will remove my tag next time I can get on Recruiting server.

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I know 10 days isn't much and I will serve it without complaint if the ban isn't lifted. It's just that the recruiting server is about the only one I play. Most players and all the admins are friendly and funny. Enough players to make it interesting and rarely any bots. I also don't want a ban to keep me from joining so I thought I would formally submit an unban request and state my case for the record. It really was my son though. I asked him and he said he got on the server, despite being forbidden. I try to keep him off that one so he doesn't say anything or do anything that reflects poorly on me (like this), and keep him off others with adult language, etc.


Submitted my unban request post and will accept whatever decision comes.


Thanks again!

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