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Tutorial info Visit support topic

  • Added on: Feb 27 2011 06:53 PM
  • Date Updated: May 18 2017 02:18 AM
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How to submit your guid (With Pics)

A translator green tutorial on how to submit your guid -
For players who have no idea what they are doing and speak bad english.

Posted by jaie on Feb 27 2011 06:53 PM
0. For the silEnT Mod GUID - See: http://fearless-assa...ur-silent-guid/

1. Start Enemy Territory.

2. Open the console - By pressing the tilde key (The key under Esc)
tilde key.JPG

3.Remove the Console spam - Type:
Press Enterclear1.JPG

Press Enter.

/condump myguid.txt
Press Enter.

Close ET

5. Open the ETmain folder in your ET folder: etmain folder.JPG

Open the file 'myguid.txt': etmain - myguid.txt.jpg

6. Scroll across - to the right end of the page:scroll across.JPG

7. Copy last 8 characters: copyingguid.JPG

7. Go to forums.
Go to your profile: my profile.JPG

8. Click Edit my profile: edit my profile.JPG

9. Scroll to the bottom of the page: scroll down.JPG

10. Type GUID in W:ET Box: Enterguid.JPG

11. Click Save: save.JPG

Use A Translator if you cannot understand. Or make a post.

*Note If using a translator;
  • at step 3, You must type 'Clear' in English.
  • at step 4, You must type 'Condump' before typing 'myguid.txt'