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Neutrinos faster than light?


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They found particles faster than light like 3 years ago. I remember, cause we talked about it in Physics class in High school. (11th grade).


As far as I remember they found a particle faster than light through a media with a refractive index below 1. The speed c of a wave traveling through a media is defined as c = c0/n where c0 is speed of light and n is the refractive index. Of course when n<1 you get something faster than light. In this case they sent neutrinos through a mountain with a refractive index of basically 1. If they didn't make any mistakes they found a proof that Einsteins theories are not completely correct.

The speed differs only 20 parts per million, so they arrived only 8 nanoseconds before the light. For those of you who don't have a feeling for tiny numbers, 1 nanosecond is to 1 second what 1 second would be to approximately 31 and a half years! So there is plenty of room to make a mistake :P

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one of my teacher spoke to me about that. 3m/s faster than the light if I good remember, incredible ^^

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haha they found the mistake to this, they forgot to take into account orbital velocity of the satellite! :)


For smart ppl, they are pretty stupid ;) lol

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Italian researchers seem to have proven them wrong:




The scientists who originally reported the "faster than light neutrino" are not stupid. They announced their findings with many disclaimers. Many scientists checked their work. Even last week someone repeated the experiment and got the same result. They reported what they found objectively. It was the global media who made a big deal out of this infinitesimal percentage difference.


Faster than light particles (not just caused by the effect of travelling through a medium, which have been reported since the late 1990s) would open a doorway in our ability to understand the universe and the true nature of spacetime.

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