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umm beer/mouse arm?


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So when i got back my father in law caught me playin cod. He asked why i wasnt drinkin beer (not allowed to cause of my meds...anyways) and playing. I told him, "well sir i cant hold a beer and play". He gives me a funny look and then he left the room and returns with some tape and some Heineken. Then he tapes the beer to my hand. I look at him and said "how the @$#! am I supposed to play my game now?". He got the tape out again. Then took my mouse and taped it to my hand...and so now I can drink and game at the same time (though still trying to figure out how not to spill my beer...)

My wife decided to take some pics before my father in law took the tape off.


Hope you enjoy the pics, I had to edit them to be able to attach them so thats why its such a close up. :D

(also couldn't figure out if I should post this in spam or not so I just did, sorry if its wrong.)




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dude the infamous beer helmet of course!!!! And it holds 2 beers! All you need is a catheder and you can virtually play interrupted for HOURS!!!

I am having major back surgery in 10 days and dude I want you as my physical therapist!!!!

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