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ET Crash to Blue Screen


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Hey guys, new to the forums, I've been trying to get back into ET but when I play ET for more than 15 minutes, it crashes randomly to the Blue Screen where the computer had to shut down to prevent damage or loss or data, I hope you understand which one.


Now, I never have this problem with other games like Dead Island, Starcraft 2 or Deus Ex 3, it's only happening to ET.


I've tried reinstalling, changing graphics and resolution but it isn't working.


Please help.



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Thats some information on it.


Also have you checked to see driver issues of any sort?

Did you happen to find out the direct fault that was present?

Perhaps post your computer specs so others may help you better.

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Here's my spec.


Intel Core i3 CPU @ 3.07GHz 2.93GHz

4GB RAM. (3.87GB Usable)

Windows 7

64-Bit Operating System

Atari Radeon 5550HD 1GB Graphics Card

Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H Motherboard

400W Power Supply

500GB Hard-drive

1400x900 Widescreen Resolution Play at 1280x800 on Wolf:ET.


My drivers are up to date and I used the same power supply before I upgraded my comp with which I had zero problems on.


Like I said, I can run any other game fine without crashes.

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Do you have settings set for ET, in your Atari Radeon control panel? check it


How would I go about doing that?


The Bluescreen I get shows a hardware issue yet all my drivers, my hardware is up to date and in good condition.

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1.) you said the 400w power supply is the same as -before- you upgraded? that may be the fault. ET is a very strange game for as old as it is. very CPU intensive. i can play any new game and my CPU reaches max temps of 54 degrees celsius. i play ET and get 56 degress celsius. voltage/wattage spikes could ( maybe, perhaps?) cause your CPU and/or GPU to go on the fritz.


2.) as i said before, i get higher temps playin this older game than i do playin newer games (Duke Nukem Forever, Portal 2, Black Ops, NFS Hot Pursuit, Grid, etc. etc.) and at one point i too kept havin blue screen to restart stating i had hardware issues. first i think my PSU was crappin out, nah wasnt that...then i thought my GPU was crappin out, nah wasnt that. then i started checkin my temps. ran a stress test, once my CPU touches 64 degrees celsius (maybe 65. i forget) i get blue screen and same error codes as playin ET. my heatsink and fan needed cleanin and reseating.


btw, my CPU is AMD Phenom II X3 720 @ 2.8 Ghz. (Fourth core unlocked so Phenom II X4 20 @ 3.3Ghz)

2x2Gb AData Gaming Series Ram

Windows Vista x64

MSI Radeon HD4670 1Gb

ASUS M4A77TD-Pro Motherboard

500W power supply

1920x1080 wide. (play all games at 1920x1080 as well)

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I think my anti-virus might have been conflicting with it, I shut it off and it no longer crashes, at least I lasted a couple of hours today and it didn't, but this was on lowest graphic settings so I'm not entirely sure yet.


I don't have heat problems, usually around 40 degrees C.

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When you get BSOD (blue screen of death) take the photo or notedown the error which it shows and we can help more. I get BSOD cos of my network and GPU drivers conflict all the time. POS ATI drivers.

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It definately sounds like a heat problem to me,

It dont matter if its 40C it could still restart your computer, Try cleaning the fans or better yet replacing them.

Its the exact same problem i had, i can run WoW and warhammer which are very intense games, but couldnt run Wolf, so i went out and bought myself a new fan and now it works fine.


hope this helps.

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