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soulJAHmon AWOL for a while


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Sorry Folks, but I've been and will be busy for the next couple weeks, end of July thru the first week of August. I have way too much going on. I threw out my back again helping my parents renovate the place they are moving into and I have to move also. We found a nice duplex near us that will be great, but moving still sucks! I will have to get a different high speed cable company and get everything back online, but it will take me a while to sort it all out.

I'll miss you guys, be back as soon as I can! :) Peace, OneLove!

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don't evny the move, we moved a little over a year ago(1500 miles), we'll actually the wife did all the work cause i left for new job and she had to follow after packing and selling.(was in the dog house for awhile).


good luck with the move hope to see you back on servers soon.

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Thanks for the notes. Finally got my folks place renovated enough for them to get moved in and kinda settled. My back is seriously still messed up, never been this bad before....:(......I've been visiting my chiropractor a bunch and just today I started to get a little better. I'm packing like a beast and calling in favors to line up help for the big stuff. Thank God I have some friends! I think I lined up enough help to getter dun. Got my new cable provider lined up for install on friday the 19th. I'm going to have a new e-mail and cable company for high speed cable, I hope that doesn't screw up getting logged into forums or game servers. If anyone thinks I might have problems, and have advise for me, please message me directly or e-mail me please. My e-mail address is mdscott@wavecable.com and it wil remain active till the end of august. I'll update my profile as soon as I get the info.

Miss You Guys Already, Peace, One Love, soulJAHmon

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wow, Ab, that blows, ya kinda same boat for me, born with one leg shorter and my spine bent to correct for it. Early days spent doin' hard labor, now it doesn't take much to make it go out and weeks to get it back to "normal". L3 and L4 for me, can't wait til you can go down to the spine store and throw in a couple of high tech replacements for a fitty.! lol won't live that long ....

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