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  1. Could you stop reviving old topics? I don't think you want your posting ability to be suspended.

  2. Devastator

    fav gun?

    The M-4 is the most versatile, easy to aim, low recoil, and good knock down power. Buy the AK-47 is plain sexy the way it kills with one shot
  3. Devastator

    Bye F|A

    Life first, most of us will stil be here, when you can come back, good luck!
  4. I go bareback, using the mouse right on the table, glides faster, although not fast enought it seems
  5. Devastator

    Leaving F|A

    Life first! take care
  6. Con grats Gravedigger, it's a hard one, I am currently off, but took me 7 times before it stuck, smoke free about 3 yrs now, but the urge is always there, especially after a Captain Morgan or two. Stick to it, it only leads down one road, and it's not a good one.
  7. Speed, thanks for taking care of business, I thank you, be smart, be safe, and kick some *ss! Come back soon.
  8. Devastator

    Bucket List ?

    Wow, lots of lofty goals, if you discount the female fantasies, here's mine: Bo Derek, with out the beads getting in the way, (only you older guys will know what I mean) Visit China Visit China with Bo Derek Visit Austrialia Visit Africa Introduce Bo Derek to Kim Bassinger in Africa and see where it leads us Take a vacation on Mars
  9. Cool, (thats what old people say), some of the best sniper shots I've seen. great job with the vid
  10. I use it with a scope, for one shot kills, everyone is always surprised when they drop from one shot
  11. I used to be number, until they allowed other players to join in.... congrats Ikillcampers!
  12. Im all for changing it up, if done on a rotation, I don't see how it would get boring
  13. I like domination, since it takes team work, and those who get it, make it look easy, and when you're on a team that doesn't understand the objective,it is very very frustrating.
  14. Thanks for all the comments, I seems a lot of you would welcome a same weapons map as part of a rotation or special events map, and for those of you who think it would get boring, remember it is only for one map or special events weekends so it shouldn't be boring, especially if they also change with weapon everyone gets, I also see this as a free for all vs. team deathmatch.

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