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Where do you travel in the summer vacation?


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Heya Guys, i just want to aks where you all travel in your vacation. I will drive tomottow with my family to france by car. Sun, beach and sea in Narbonne :) 3 weeks relaxxing, i wont do anything expect of eating, swimming an sleeping :P

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No vacations for me either. Gotta finish my diploma thesis till November <_<

Afterwards I am more or less without a job so I have time to travel but no money..

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I probably take a hike from Gouvy (Belgium, just north of Luxembourg) to Diekirch (Luxembourg), over the GR57. The first part of the GR57, from Liege to Gouvy is 180KM which I hiked last year, the last part is about 80KM, so approximately 4 days. Probably starting next week or the week after, a bit depending on the weather. Alone btw.


Furthermore, last year I hiked a part from the South West Coast Path (UK, from Exmouth to Poole (Bournemouth), ~160KM), but stopped after 3 days after an injury with the person I walked with. We'll continue to do that walk from ~20 to ~27 August.

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Sounds very healthy, time to make your own thoughts right? :)

Even better, the lack of thoughts make it great. When the only thing you can think of, is where to set your feet.



And healthy, yes and no. It's not very healthy to eat less (because it'll weight too much) while you're exercising a lot.

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