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Leningrad Beta 2 - leningrad_b2.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Leningrad Beta 2 - leningrad_b2.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: leningrad_b2.pk3
Map name: leningrad_b2.bsp



The allies are besieged in Leningrad and the Axis have planned a attack.

The allied objective is to :

#1 - Steal the documents of this attack

#2 - Transmit the content of these documents via radio to the HQ

To breach the axis defenses, the allies have a tank. They can also disable the

communication means of their enemies to handicap them!

The Axis team can build barriers to slow down the allies.



- Steal and transmit the documents!

- Escort the churchill tank to gain acces to the tunnel area

- Destroy the tank barrier #1

- Open the gate

- Destroy the tank barrier #2

- Build the assault ladder

- Destroy the brick wall

- Destroy the axis Command Post & build your own (Having your command post built allows allies to get a 2nd respawn once the tank has passed the tank barrier #2)



- Prevent the allies from transmitting the documents

- Defend the tunnel area

- Build & defend the tank barrier #1

- Keep the gate closed"

- Build & defend the tank barrier #2

- Prevent the allies from building / destroy the assault ladder

- Defend the brick wall

- Destroy the allied Command Post & build your own





Each team has a maximum of 3 respawn

- The respawn near the 1st tank barrier no longer belong to the axis team as

soon as the tank passes the 1st tank barrier. It becomes allied when the

command post is built.

It is definitively allied if the command post stays allied 2 minutes, or the

tank passes the 2nd tank barrier.

- There is a flag in the bunker in the cemetary. This respawn first belong to

the axis team.

- For gameplay reasons, the assault ladder can be built only when the tank

passes the 2nd tank barrier.

leningrad_b2 waypoints.rar

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