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Uran Project Beta 3 - uranproject_b3.pk3 - Enemy Territory Map


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Uran Project Beta 3 - uranproject_b3.pk3

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Download pk3 name: uranproject_b3.pk3

Map name: uranproject_b3.bsp

Author(s): ischbinzz





axis try to build their own nuclear weapon and they do it in a laboratory in the "alpen-festung" (alps-fortress) they had built a small atomic reactor to get some plutonium.


allies have to enter the bunker areas and destroy the cooling system of the reactor core to stop the axis experiments and destroy the lab-complex. to do that, allies must hold the destroyed reactor core for about 1 or two minutes until the reactor is overheated. but the axis can repair the cooling system - and stop the overheating...






Beta 3



learning mapping, making this map took over 350 hours - hope you have fun with it!


if you found some bugs or have some suggestions post it in www-dark-alchemy.com forums or e-mail: ischbinzz@hotmail.com



known issues:

1. i need a command map

2. 2 command map markers of axis must fixed

3. i need a elavator

i must add 2 commandpost (ilduda send me an allied one - i must implement it)

4. i need a real skybox - but first i must learn how Smile

5. i must fix some little problems with 3 doors and few textures



release 03.02.2007 fixed:

1. command map - no picasso, but a commandmap

2. axis command map markers

3. no elavator + no commandpost

4. no skybox

5. some fixes which ilduca told me(glass got now glass sounds:)


release 04.02.2007 fixed:

1. tree models added to pk3 ---> thx seaman

2. new terrain shader removed ---> graphics now ok, but no lms :9 (thx seaman)

3. command map marker pumps added

4. elavator added

5. more light near the ladder ---> thx seaman

6. added some clip textures, remoced "hurt" in the upper crater area (hope this stops trickjumpers too) ---> the bananeflambee


release 08.02.2006 fixed

1. removed much doors in the reactor area

2. modified the clip brushes near the lake (think tj isn t working longer)

3. added a green texture for the lake (brr - looks really ugly)

4. added a long tunnel (not finished yet)

5. added 2 buildings

6. added some clip brushes, against ghost trees

7. added a second tunnel to crater area

8. windows of barracks now destroyable with the right sounds

9. doors near reactor works now with triggers


release 09.02.2007 fixed

1. now you can enter and leave this one tunnel with out a jump

2. no more trickjump in crater?

3. and the türklinkes are changed too -

4. added the right models now - this makes the map file much bigger Sad

5. changed the mg42 with the glass/ added new circles, becaus you can crouch thought the walls near the mg42 Sad

6. added a new tunnel inside axis outpost area and a "lift"

7. got some trouble with this lift

8. deleted nice faces


release 10.02.2007

1. the main bunker doors are now useable and destroyable

2. use a other "water" shader in the crater (but it isn t animated yet)

3. fixed the countdown timer - i stops now when pump is repaired, but i fight hard to get it count up - but it don t work in this version

4. added allied command post + another spawn area for allied

5. fixed the hiding doors in the upper barracs

6. fixed the trickjumping over the fence

7. fixed one trickjump in to the crater


release 11.02.2007

1. fixed some trickjumps

2. added a working skybox

3. added some spot lights

4. emergency exit door destroyable

5. most doors got sound now

6. added door ammo health door trigger


release 15.02.2007

1. new terrain

2. some custom sounds

3. new paths

4. some more trees

5. spawn poins changed


release 19.02.2007

1. more custom sounds

2. some things optimized


release 20.02.2007

1. found a name: uranproject - wikipedia.de

2. added 2 new cm_markers

3. new loading pics, and text

4. little changes in the map


release 28.02.2007

1. some new light effects

2. 1 smoker added

3. few lights added

4. bit water added

5. a balustrade added

6. 1 door added

7. have you seen my cactus radio?)

8. little modification on this huge elavtor

9. some holes filled with invisible brushes

10. a ladder added


release 05.03.2007

1. fixed some tiny issues

2. ilducas script added

3. new command map markers

4. new commandmap


release 12.03.2007

1. little more light

2. new house

3. changed dynathings - funnel exit, old_bunker area

4, elavator can only used after destroying the funnnel exit

5. few other minor changes


2nd beta version!


release 20.03.2007

1. changed lightmaps

2. changed few textures

3. added a new button for 1 door

4. some dynathings only destroyables after it this button

5. added some hint brushes, do some brushes into detail, to increase the compile time - now about 4 hours!!(before took about 85 hours on my a64 x² 4400@2500mhz)


3rd beta

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