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Base 55 Beta 2 - base55_b2.pk3 - Enemy Territory Map


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Base 55 Beta 2 - base55_b2.pk3

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Download pk3 name: base55_b2.pk3

Map name: base55_b2.bsp





August 1943. The allied troops have found a secret Axis Base. It seems that some prototypes of V2 are inside this base. The task today is to penetrate into the base, steal the secret architect's plans of the V2. and the V2 Control must be destroyed.









Base55 is an Enemy Territory Multiplayer Map.


Supported Gametypes: Campaign, Objective, Stopwatch


Mapname: base55_b2



Betaversion 2



Timelimit: 20 min



Allies Target


- Dynamite the Maingate.

- Steal the secret docs.

- Send the docs from the small radiostation

- Destroy the V2 controlpanel with dynamite.

- Destroy the Depot Defenses to get into the Control Bunker.

- Dynamite the Sideentrance.

- Destroy the Axis Command Post.

- Build a Command Post.




Axis Target


- Defend the Maingate.

- Defend the secret docs.

- Stop the Allies before sending the docs

- Prevent the Allies for destroying the V2 controlpanel.

- Build the Depot Defenses to protect the Control Bunker.

- Defend the Sideentrance.

- Build a Command Post.

- Destroy the Allied Command Post.




Change to the previous version


- Texturefitting

- New V2 Model

- more insurance coverage in axis base

- vehicle depot spawn not longer secured by allies when maingate are destroy

- changing some axis teamdoors to neutral doors

- one more way out for the axis side

- Ammo and Health Cabinet changed

- New skybox

- Hills are clipped




To start the map on ET server put the line


set d1 "set g_gametype 2; map base55_b2; set nextmap vstr d1"


in your mapfile for obj mode

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