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MML Minas Tirith FP3 - mml_minastirith_fp3.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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MML Minas Tirith FP3 - mml_minastirith_fp3.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name : mml_minastirith_fp3.pk3

Map name : mml_minastirith_fp3.bsp


Level info:

Objectives are not marked properly in the limbo text, but Axis

must fight their way to the top of the city, then steal the

Palantir from the Tombs behind the city, and deliver it to the

entrance of the Great Hall.


First playable 3 changes:


- Level 1 detail fleshed out

- Level 2 gate area fleshed out

- Certain choke points elsewhere have more cover / alternative


- Allies can no longer get outside the city via dropping down the

turrets. To make up for this...

- The main City Gate starts open. This allows Allies to rush

outside but only for the first few respawns - after this the

gate closes. It should NOT be possible for Axis to run straight

to the gate and run inside while it's still open - I have timed

it to ensure this is not possible

- More detail in the odd spot here and there (eg newer White Tower).

mml_minastirith_fp3 waypoints.rar

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