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Yama310's back from the dead !


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Hi everyone,


Many of you don't know me, so here's a new (short) presentation.


I'm Yama310 (one M only, even if Daredevil and Baska write my name with 2 M :P ). I'm 27 and I live in France, near Paris.


I applied 'cause ibabyblink asked me to do that in 2009. So I did. :D I have never regretted it (I'm a =F|A= member since 19 May 2009).


I didn't play since many months. I was looking for a job and I had many things to do, so I didn't have time to play.


I'm not very good in english, so I stop massacring this language on this topic.


Just one more thing : thanks to all old members who remember me (like Baska, Daredevil, Thunder, Hulk, Medic, Krazy, etc - among others).



See you in game. B) (don't be afraid, I didn't play since so many time so I'm not very good for now :D )

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I remember you Kristy. I think I didn't play a lot with/against you in game but I can't forget you with your spam on Facebook, on =F|A= group' page. :rolleyes:




I haven't been able to play too much either, because I have school...year-round, since my mom makes me do summer school :rolleyes:

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Nice to play with you too docwarren.


Update your GUID though, please.

Yes, I'll do that asap.

Edit : done.


@ Kristy : lol, it was the opposite for me. Too many time to play... no job and no social life. :D

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Welcome back always good to get some things done in real life.. :D nice to see ya back look forward to fragging with you. :o

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