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back from the dead


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Hi! Many of you know me as =F|A=Billy Bass or just Billy Bass, but as you can plainly see my name is no longer that. I've changed it to Shoot2kill/Shoottokill, i haven't decided on which form to use yet. You're probably wondering where I've been for the last 4+ months, in Feb I bought a new computer, stubbornly ET wouldnt install, not much of an excuse until you learn the rest. Around the exact time of getting the new comp' I was beginning my end of the semster exams. After the exams I began my second semster, 4 new courses, which for the first few weeks limited my time on the computer. Eventually I got so busy I had no time for ET, let alone getting it to install. But now i've gotten it to install and i'm very excited to say i'll be playing ET again, most likely on the Jaymod 1/2 servers and I'm looking forward to seeing alot of the old faces and meeting the new ones!


Regarding my =F|A= membership if i'm still a member, thats fantasic, but if I'm no longer one then I will be, sometime in the near future, re-applying and willing to go through the entire process again.



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Ok thank you.


edit: forgot to ask, who should I be asking so that i can be added to the approiate group

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