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A little about me


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Hi everyone, new to the forum, I just joined this week so haven't gotten into all the topics available yet; I recently applied for membership to the clan, since it's probably the best group of woman and men I have ever played with.


Here's a little about me, I'm married with two great daughters and wife, I'm in the commercial contracting business here in Chicago, trying to survive this economy like everyone else, I get up early and work late,(at least I'm not in the residential business, which is totally dead). At 50 I've lived through the 60's, 70's and even disco. My daughters want to know what it was like before cell phones and internet, how did we live, what did we do :)


I've always enjoyed first shooter games and totally relax while playing, even when I get killed 20 times in a row by some of the great players on your server, I will try and get more involved with the forums as I learn my way around.


Met some great people while playing, I look forward to getting to know everyone better.





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