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  1. Active Mw3 players?

    I play a lot, just sent you an invite.
  2. Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3? Vote Now!

    I agree, the gameplay is completely different between the two. MW3 is a lot faster faster paced - more run and gun style whereas BF is more team oriented and slower paced but more realistic. I think they're both great games and know they'll both be consuming many hours of my life!
  3. Battlefield 3 Game guide

    Would you recommend the official Battlefield 3 game guide to a BF newbie? http://www.amazon.co...s/dp/0307891518 Or is there a better place online or even a better guide to find tips, tricks, and general info about playing the game?
  4. Curious to see what everyone else thinks! Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?
  5. Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper?

    Diet Mountain Dew here!
  6. Hello everyone!

    Thanks for checking us out!
  7. COD: Modern Warfare 3

    I'm in and it has my vote!
  8. MW3 a good game?

    I've spent about 2 hours playing the online campaign and agree with Nordwolf, it's basically MW2 revised and the way MW2 should have been the first time around in my opinion. The game play is very smooth and you don't have to unload your whole gun to kill people (unlike MW2). The maps overall seem a bit smaller than MW2 but are reasonable. Compared to BF3, they're much smaller. The graphics I would say are about the same. They've definitely spent some extra time on the sound effects as there is a huge difference there - the guns sound like cannons. They may have overdone it a bit there, but it definitely makes you feel like you have the power! So after a couple hours of gameplay, it has my vote. If you like MW2, you'll love MW3. If you were looking for something different, then you may be disappointed and would probably be better off checking Battlefield 3 out.
  9. BF3 Connection Issues

    Anyone else having "Connection Lost" issues with BF3? When I do get connected (which sometimes takes forever) I seem to get dropped after 5-10 min with "Connection Lost" issue. I've tried this solution posted on the EA forums but didn't seem to help: Here goes: 1. Press: Windows-button (the one between lAlt and lCtrl) + R, a window should pop up. 2. Write: "services.msc" (without the ") then press enter. 3. In the list of services, scroll down to "UPnP Device Host", click it and press "Stop service". 4. Now do the same thing but with the service "SSDP Discovery". 5. Exit the window and go to control panel-> Network and Internet-> Network and Sharing Centre-> Change advanced sharing settings (to the left)-> Under "network discovery" select to turn off network discovery. 6. SAVE CHANGES This should solve the problem, if it didn't, we'll just have to wait for Dice/EA to fix it. Anyone else have this issue and find a workaround?
  10. Happy Halloween Weekend All!

    My favorite holiday of the year. What's everyone dressing up as?!
  11. So a Man Says....

    So a man says to his wife, if I won the lottery what would you do? Wife says I'd take half the money and leave your arse. Man says good - here's six bucks, I won 12 so get out!
  12. My soundsystem =[)

  13. Elo its Silentfire

    Nice to see you on the forum, welcome!
  14. just saying hi

  15. A little about me

    Welcome, nice to see you on the forums!