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Ladies and Gentlemen...


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...*touching microphone*..test!..test!..one, two..*cough*..test! :D


Surprise here. Currenty, I am spending an exchange semester in Sarajevo, primarly, I am coming from Germany/Berlin. I play mostly in my free time, so I enjoy a good fight and relaxed people around me, which depict a majority at FA. My XP stands about 120k, which is a result my daily attendance on FA-server. :D


Anyway, I am comfortable with the people here and enjoy my hours, which I spent, so:


Thank you for your attention and take care for bad surprises! ;D

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Thank you very much, my primary assumption related to my opinion about you was totaly confirmed. ;)




sei mir gegrüßt, werter Landsmann. Mögen unsere weiteren Begegungen einen währenden Anlass zur Herzlichkeit darstellen. :)

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