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  1. Happy Birthday -synergy+!

  2. Happy Birthday -synergy+!

  3. didnt know the mamba can be wired ! :S thats an extra point for it.
  4. hi, this is just to report im gonna be inactive of servers for a month. mainly cause i have family guests in my home and want to spednd time with them and also because my mouse broke. . However i still active in forums this month via my cellphone. one more thing -- help. im buying a new mouse but i have some questions. - visit this post to help me. Thanks. http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/42605-wireless-or-wired-mouse/#entry373434
  5. my mouse is broken and want to buy a new one, I had a genius defult mouse with 800dpi and worked like a charm but It had more than seven years with me. I wanted to know who uses wireless mouse here and so how you felt with it. I have three options. my first is a wireless mouse cause i had problems with my old mouse of wire drag, tangled and wire roll which makes my sens go different every time. In the other hand i have my doubts about going wireless, heard they have some kind of lag and delay on response. any help would be appreciated, thanks. Razer mamba - wireless - 6400dpi -- 1000hz polling rate Razer taipan - wired - 8200dpi --- 1000hz polling rate Thermaltake Level 10 - wired- 8200dpi max --- 1000hz polling rate
  6. Welcome and enjoy your vacations. !
  7. i didnt even know gta was a multiplayer role game.
  8. This is a salsa version of roxanne, i find this versión so interesting. I heard this song has a lot of covers. Post your version if you like. http://youtube.com/watch?v=C4FDDApVfgA
  9. no van halen, just a random position i set him. But it looks so 80,s to me
  10. Hello And welcome to the forums And servers. And be sure that we will stay. We need to help each other in order for that to happen.
  11. Monster, actually i had some a few days ago. I Was suposed to pass the night w/o sleeping cause a lot of work to do And it worked like a charm.
  12. wtf! you pay for this? or is a working place connection or something, photoshop? i,ve never seen this speeeds. before

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