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Funniest shit I've heard in a long time.


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Got a message from a bud that told me he got banned for using Q and E on the FUN clan server. Apparently using lean is a ban offense. Whats next? Can't use the med needle to revive? Oh, wait, he was bunny hopping down the slope....I know lets !ban...ROFL


I can see the banners now: "Backraging is a ban offense", "Using lean is an exploit", "bunny hopping is not tolerated", "Using med packs to give yourself health is an auto kick", "Giving out ammo to players not requesting it is an auto ban", "Using scope as a covert is not acceptable"....


Oh god, I can't stop laughing....


I actually asked a FUN clan member on the FA server if this was true and he said yes. LMFAO..The shit noobs come up with.

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using Q and E :confused


guys don't forget that some members here are not that good in English :hmm Translate please please :D


A is left, D is right, W is forward, E is lean right, Q is lean left. You know, what you use to look around corners if your keyboard is different.. Its a bannable offense to use lean. Considered an exploit. OMG.

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you re kidding ... it's the game commands :shock:


oh some admin to avoid any " cheat " going so far that sometimes it become very very ridiculous, lol there is so much kids with admin rights So not gonna shock me at all those kind of ban :embrass




btw my keyboard is azerty not qwerty lol so it's A & E for me :P

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