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Hello. I think that it is very difucoult to kill on jay3 by panzer. On jay2 is one shoot by panzer and man is death , but on jay3 you need to hit right in a person if u hit be side him he will not die. So i think that panzer on jay3 should have bigger radius and making more damage.

I hope you understand whan im "talking" about. ;)


Kogucik :)

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Probably just because 90% of players are adren whores on jay3.


Jay2 has adren but only like 40% of people there use it.


However, I don't care what the rules of adren are, panzer should kill you regardless of adren.

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I dont think its cuz of adren. F.ex I wanna kill the man who STAY. On jay2 i can shoot the floor and it kill him but on jay3 i must shot exxactly in him. :(


That would be placebo effect. dmg is same in both.

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