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If you see ( Railjr ) !!!


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Hi guys/gals,


just wanted to inform you all, that my son has started to play with me on the Jaymod Recruiting server, so If you see (Railjr) It's not some one

stealing my name It's my son.


He is away at camp for a couple of months and his laptop wont always get the best connection do to his location that is surrounded by many trees, so his average ping may be some where between 400-70, it will bounce at times, please If I'm not on at the time he's on, I would appreciate It If you help him sort out his ping issue so he can enjoy the game and not cause the server to lag.





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son and father together :lol:

my father doesn't even know where to power on the computer :D


Same here lol


Lol same here too

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