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Hello boys and girls.


Spaz is looking at making a montage with loads of cool stuff; but i'm not sure what the best, and easiest program to make a vid is. So i figure i ask all of you. I'm sure someone has had experience with making videos of games and whatnot. Any help is appreciated!!



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Easiest way grab clips from ET is with Fraps - if thats what you are wondering! goodluck! :hi


I agree with him on that, fraps is easy to edit and easier to use.


I downloaded fraps thingy and I usually get 50/60 fps but with it on and recording I was getting 30 that was continually dropping down to 10 and below o.O


Why is that? :confused

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I already recorded a bunch of videos with xfire (for CoD4 btw). it gave me the best fps as oppose to fraps. i couldn't play with the slow frame rate. I was looking for the best editor and movie maker. I've heard nothing but good things about Sony Vegas.. but can i get it for free?


Thanks for the input guys.

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