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  1. 2:03 of this gets me going https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic0zXROe408
  3. That dmv is all caps and different colours than what I use, I'll stick to playing as mousasii from now on! I'll post my current guid tomorrow,Thanks for all the kind words. Good to see some old faces as well! also daredevil likes to rollerblade while listening to boyz2men
  4. I don't know if anybody here remembers me, but I used to be a part of the FA family. I was away playing L4D2 for a long time, busy with work and now I've been back playing again. I'm mostly on the silent and hardcore servers. Playing under either mousasii, dmv, or originaL. If some of the old faces are still here, hello! And to all the new people I plan on meeting HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Gud 2 be back P.S. If you don't wanna date me, it's fine, I get that. But you're wrong and I hate you. <3
  5. Happy Birthday Mousasii!

    1. Sasirou


      Happy Birthday

  6. Sorry been busy, but I never got this to work. Would just crash upon trying to connect to the server
  7. Alright I'll have a looksy
  8. Yea I should on my old computer
  9. Mousasii

    Re-downloading ET

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've been on. But I got time off and I would like to start playing again. I'm currently downloading wolf:ET again. Is there any thing I should be aware of or something I need to download seperate since I've been gone? I run Win 7, so if there is any problem with that, let me know. Also should I just patch 2.60b right away or does it matter? I would also rejoin the ranks of FA, but I will wait until I'm back in game Thanks in advance and good to be back :>
  10. happy birthday!!

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday Mousasii!


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