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AFK for a weekend :)


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IM going to bbq weekendd party so ill be afk from friday night to sunday evening:D

so u guys can have a time to get rest of me :P

I'll try to make some pict..if im not gona be too drunk LOL..(yes joe i remember-movie for u...and pict of most drunk person in the party for goat-but...that person propably will be me :D) :twisted:

So have a good weekend and have fun :) im gona miss ya...

Your always on-line and woman needed award BIATCH..

Love Ya




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have fun Baska ! don't drink too much :P

take care !!




OOhhhh im gona drink a loot in this weekend :) cuz i dont usualy drink at all so i need to relax a lil :twisted:

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damn sistah.... who am I gonna slap and pants and throw and splat and and and laugh with???


I'm gonna miss you!!!

but I guess u deserve to have some fun outside.... LOL



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He he :D

Ohhh Sistah...i missed u too...u know i love u girl :)

Hmmm about my weekend...

I told u guys that i will do some pic 4 u...i did but...thoes pics are too...welll im too drunk...

and movie...that is too emberrasing :o)

but ill try find some less emberrasing pic...





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