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TulsaGeoff's Dream Build


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My Dream Build:


Processor: Intel i7 920 D0 Stepping


"Whether you are an average joe or a PC enthusiast, you will have an advantage with the NEW D0 Stepping. The C0 Stepping has known issues and the new D0 Stepping has eliminated those. The D0 Stepping also uses less power, which in turn, will give you a much higher overclock potential and for those of you who don't overclock, you will see less heat with less power usage, which translates to longer lasting CPUs."


Motherboard: EVGA Classified x58


http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6813188048


Ram: Corsair Dominator GT 6gb 1866mhz DDR3


http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6820145240

Videocard: EVGA 285 FTW Edition


http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6814130483


PSU: Corsair 1000HX Modular Power Supply

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6817139007


CD-ROM: 2 x Lite-on 24x DVD Burner

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6827106291



2 x 74gb Raptors Raid0

1 x WD Caviar Black 500gb for storage

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6822136320


Case: Lian-Li g70 Full Tower with custom radiator mounting up top for a Thermochill 120.3


Monitor: Hanns-g 28"

http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.as ... d=11236988


Mouse: Logitech G5


Keyboard: Deck - The Legend



Mousepad - Steelpad QcK+


Oh yeah, And the build is currently in the processing phase @ newegg. It will be fun OC'ing the hell out of the processor on water. *Prays for a good clocker* :D

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i think... either my pants shrunk, or that gave me a hard on, not sure, but damn, nice build, i like MOST of that, in fact, the mobo, vid card, and memory sticks, are the same ones i plan on putting into the next freak of science im building :lol:

quick question tho, obviously im sure u know more about this than myself, but would that build, for the most part, be compatible with the AMD Phenom II processor?

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Everything but the board obviously. Only a i7 will fit into that baby. There is always the chance that the mobo will have issues with different parts though. If it is an enthusiast board there will be plenty of information about it and others that will have the same part combinations.


The monitor was an unexpected addition. Someone yesterday contacted me after my World of Warcraft account has been on craigslist for 3weeks and drove 2 hrs away to hand me cash for it :D I'd say I'm rather pleased with the exchange since I hadn't played in months.

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lol, so it looks like im getting an i7, cuz i LOVE that board, that and evga has the best vid cards on the market for now, for now being the key words, cuz god we all know how quickly that can change, but when you have 2-3 of those monsters, will another card that comes out 2-5 months down the line even matter? :lol::thanks

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EVGA is honestly the most legit company ever. Check out their forums here


They will take any of their products back no question and everything I've seen has a life time warranty.

I7 processors are the latest buzz in the performance scene. The D0 is the new stepping that will be standard in a couple

months from every retailer. A 2.67Ghz D0 processor is expected to hit atleast 3.8 or 4.0+ on good air cooling. I expect my D0 stepping on a

good water cooling system to hit around 4.4ghz . Corsair also is the best compeny for memory and psu's at

the moment and will take anything high-performance no questions back and get that new stuff to you quickly.

I'll be posting everything here about the build process.

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im just wondering how long it will take for EVGA to start putting a processor thru its paces, cuz an EVGA mobo, vid card, and processor, among all the other EVGA parts, well, why would u buy anything else with that kind of quality control and customer support lol

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Very nice build Tulsa. Would you be looking for a case similar to this

http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/sho ... p?t=168585


That EVGA board is just....damn man. I never really thought as EVGA being much more than low end, but I've had my head in school book for the past two years. It looks like they've really come along.


Just a question on the Deck keyboard. Never heard of them. They look like a quality build and I know the mechanical vs. membrane is superior, but what exactly are you getting for $150-170 bucks. Autoaim? :D


Cool build though man.

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Yeah its basically the mechanical switch along with individual LED's within every key. Along with the toggle aim key... I purchased a saitek keyboard that had LED's and was not impressed with the brightness at all.

I am currently using one which I have used for about 3 years, but unfortunately someone spilled shit on it and like 6 of my keys don't work. I want another to replace it, but I'm

really not quite sure if I'm going to go that path again just because it is so damn expensive. The thing is like 5lbs and heavy duty. Even though it broke after a few years it put up with

alot of gaming and key mashing. A programmable keyboard like a logitech or razor may be next. I'll decide in a month when I get paid, because its bullshit not being able to use 8-+ on the keyboard

and alot of other buttons.


Yeah EVGA has been my favorite videocard company since my EVGA 7800gt CO when I got my old gaming PC. Now they produced the best mobo so I'd say they are on the right track.

Look at the mobo led:

So sexy :D

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Once you are done can you post benchmarks for stock clock settings and after over clocking? I would like to see 3d and other benchmarks if possible. :thanks

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Once you are done can you post benchmarks for stock clock settings and after over clocking? I would like to see 3d and other benchmarks if possible. :thanks


Yep I plan on it and it will be awhile until I get the watercooling setup because I have not ordered the 1366 mounting kit for this build. I plan on running 3dmark 06, Vantage, Sandra for memory, and super pi for cpu speed. Let me know if there are any others I should run. I plan on running all that stuff on my current PC too so I can see the improvement :P


This was a PC that we built over at the Tulsa house for a friend. You can see massive gains on 3dmark06 with his CPU running balls to the balls vs stock.

http://evilrtcw2.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9528 If you don't like the link to our forums just remove it. :D


@NoGood - Yeah thats my case except mine has wheels and case handles on it installed by performance-pcs.com. The radiator is cut in the exact place. Mine case doesn't have one of those sexy paint jobs :(

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I will wait for benchmarks. You can also check this if your building your machine.

http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/Int ... 57-13.html


PS Link is fine.

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  • 2 weeks later...

UPS had their delivery dates for my three packages coming in all on Tuesday so I figured I'd break down the old PC to get ready that morning.



I wish I took a picture of all the dust in my PC. it was years worth of filth inside.



A clean case is a happy case



The stuff I had been ordering for the past week all arrived on the same day

Woot theres my stuff!



Why so sexy?



Bigger is better. 28" Hanns-G compared to a 22" Samsung



No naked video card here



Still lookin sexy...



Thats what I'm talking about



The mess that this all created. Yes its still scattered everywhere for now .



Fuzion waterblock mounted.



Leak testing the water cooling loop inside the case with all the hardware inside. This is not recommended, but after working on this stuff for 8+hrs prior to this stage I was not about to leak test out of the case. And everything actually worked with no parts that needed to be returned.

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Its alive.




A familar face . I plan on getting a reservoir for the top two panels. This one to be exact:

YouTube - EK-BAY SPIN Reservoir Flow Rate Tests




Case closed...


And Yes Daredevil I'll run a stock 3dmark benchmark vs my overclocked run and you can see the MASSIVE improvement. The i7 920 is kind of a pig at stock settings..


This is overclocked:



Sorry about the big pictures :o


Ahhh teh forum chopped and owned mah pics.

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U need some raptor drives then it would be awesome system. How much at max you can OC with reaching 65 peak temp? You tried crysis warhead on it?

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